I Came Down as Needy. Must I Apologize?

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I have been speaking with a woman for longer than four weeks, and I made a mistake by advising extreme about myself personally and my personal emotions toward the lady.

We seemed needy making a mess by perhaps not awaiting an answer before my personal next information. Now I Have had no answer since Tuesday.

How is it for an apology?

« occasionally sweet, caring, nice dudes make huge blunders they regret. It eliminates us to think just how i have made my most significant error this 12 months by-turning the smiles i did so put on the face upside down. I am aware it is a lengthy chance, but i really hope I get the opportunity to put one even more look on the face. »

-Craig (Scotland)

Rachel Dack’s Answer:

Hey Craig,

It is so great and admirable that you want to apologize. It may sound as if you understand you may have come on too strong or discussed continuously too soon.

This really is a common barrier lots of single people face as it can feel very amazing to get in touch with someone new and thoughts can very quickly become extreme.

Sometimes we have too in front of ourselves, nevertheless the bottom line will it be is very important to speed our selves.

This really is a great reading opportunity and chance for you to check in with your self when you have the urge to express too much.

Once again, we very appreciate your sincerity, responsibility and desire to clean the atmosphere together with her, but I think it might be helpful to ask this lady what happened to your interaction and make your apology much more succinct.


I understand you will be trying to likely be operational and truthful. However, the apology can be a bit daunting for her.

Perhaps spend some time discovering a method to tone it straight down slightly you are able to get your own point around without making it too big of a problem. Next pick the thing that makes you’re feeling more comfortable as well as simplicity.

Regrettably, we can’t control just how other individuals react to all of us, but we could perform the far better talk in healthier and efficient methods within the dreams our message shall be favorably gotten.

Be careful,


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